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Mass Effect Mass Effect

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice Work

Very nice song. It's bright and cheery, and yet at the same time very lax. The piano fits very well into the ambiance. In my opinion, I feel the song would flow better if not for the transition at 1:38, from slightly harder sounds to the softer tones which remain for the rest of the song. This is no great matter though, and mostly preference on my part, I just feel it would give a little more unity to an already solid song.
That said, and in response to vaifan90 (below)'s comment; I didn't believe his statement at first, yet after comparing this and "Relaxing Time" (also in the audio Portal), there is a full 25 second stretch, beginning at 2:24 on this song and 1:04 on the other, which are Exactly the same when heard side to side, save the subtle ambiance in the background of yours. Melody, pitch, even timbre are the same otherwise. I hate to say it, but that would be one incredible coincidence. If you did use the little stretch of music from him, just go on and say it; there's a lot of great music on the audio portal, and more than enough remixes, and no one is going to care if you take a portion of another song and admit it.

AvatarKami responds:

First of all thanks for the review and your input on the song itself. Secondly, I would like to address the "Relaxing Time" coincidence once more (and hopefully for the last time). Point one, there are several subtle differences in the two parts form the two songs. Point two, I make my own stuff, I don't believe in remixes. Point three, both Wii1 and I used Garageband and there are only so many loops to use. Point four, check the submission date on Wii1's piece, then check the date on my older submission called Emotionally Screwed. The reason I say this is that at about 1:11 in that song I have almost the same piano part, which I then reused in this song because I liked it so much. And I submitted that song last year, whereas Wii1's song was submitted, early this year. So yeah, defiantly not copying. I could even show you the breakdown of Mass Effect and Emotionally Screwed in Garageband on my computer where you can see that I have assembled the pre-made loops in Garageband to make these piano sections. So yeah, thats my response. I think I proved my point.

(Kami the Avatar)